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A start... or an end? by Mysticinthedark4321
A start... or an end?
.... it's happened again, and you know it too. You sat there as I was proded and poked and touched over and over again. It might of been hours... days maybe... it could of been minutes... but there's no clock, so time seems to be always slow.... always dragging itself across the floor. 
    I just feel worthless. The dragon that protected her world against her father, now just nothing more than a shell that takes abuse everyday. I can't fight it. They just keep me weak, on purpose, so I can't fight it. Their experiments... their needles... to improve their nation since my DNA was non-existant in this world. 
    Of course, that was a lie... They act like I'm nothing more than a stupid animal. That I can't see all the creatures that they bring into their lab... all that they have killed in their experiments.
    Then I wonder why I, too, am not dead yet. 
    ... The pain they bring me through.... it's maddening. Their experiments.... they made my wings fall off.... my heart weak... I can barely breath a lot of the time..... Why... am I still alive? I should of died by now, too.... no one really lasts longer than a week here....
    ... But it feels like I've been here for years. Passed from scientist to scientist because of they grew old and passed me down.... like some kind of ancient peice of history.... I'm a living being... I should be outside... not... here... 
    Outside.... what does... that look like?
    It's a long-forgotten memory, the outside. The soft grass on my feet... the bright sun... the friends I had... 
    I had to cover my head to cover a sob. I wasn't allowed to cry.... when I do... their tests get worse... so much worse....
    "Experiment EI-967. Rise up. It's time for your next set of medication!" A voice sung in a happy tune nearby me. "It's time to prepare for our yearly science convention! We just might win best experiment this year!"
    I shook my head, looking up almost blankly at the camera they've installed in the ceiling of my room. "I.... can't.... they just.... did tests in here.... I'm so sore..."
    "Well, that's their tests! Not mine! Now get up before I bring someone in here to help me!"
    I crawl over to the bed nearby me and use that to get myself up, wobbling on my legs the moment I put pressure on them. My legs seemed like they were on fire.... whatever they did earlier... my body clearly doesn't like it.     
    The scientist whistled, almost as if to hurry up. 
    I moved myself slowly towards the cell door, grabbing a hold of that to help me move that far. As I stood there, legs on fire from the pain, waiting for the scientist to open the door... I looked back towards the camera, almost with pleading eyes, as I whispered.
    "Please.... save me from this nightmare.... whoever watches this.... it hurts... so much..."


    The tape cuts out there and ejects itself from the massively old television set it was being watched with. The tape was dated for sometime in the 1990's.... so it's completely possible that this patient was already deceased, as it is 2016.... but it might also be possible that she is alive still, somewhere in the now decaying building. Common logic tells you that she must clearly be dead, and to ignore this tape like it never existed... but at the same time... a gut feeling tells you to check out the building for more clues... as if it was slightly possible that she was alive still, waiting in her prison cell. 
    But, that is up to you. It always was. Do you wish to continue into the building, to see if she, if not at least her remains, were still there... or ignore this tape, and leave her fate to the building?


A thing by Mysticinthedark4321
A thing
    The day started out amazingly. The sun was out, birds singing, great weather and atomsphere for people to be walking about, doing their business.... I even got to beat up Genesis a bit before I left my door this morning... and you simply have no clue how good it is to beat the stuffing out of Genesis... it is just a part of a healthy breakfast for me.
    So, clearly I'm already happy as I'm doing my routine around town. Checking up on people, stop an occasional crime here and there... training... the normal for me here in Tristian. It's just how life was for me......
    Until.... I came across my beloved pet Zexalnox kneeling down behind the bush fence of one of the few houses that stood just on the border of town. The heshe knelt there, watching the female that lived at the house as she walked around her house with her baby. The heshe seemed so memerizied by her....
        Great. First the clearly a she said she was a he, then heshe tries fighting against wearing the maid outfit they are supposed to wear.... now they're a creep..... great.
    "Princess, what are you doing? Aren't you supposed to be back at the house?" I questioned them, my voice making them flinch and turn to me. The princess, aka Demitri, grabbed me and quickly pulled me down to the ground next to him, making me hide behind the bush fence as well.
    "Shush," Demitri muttered as they glared at me for a moment before looking back at the woman. "... I'm off today... besides... I.... am just checking up on someone."
    "Checking up? This is stalking to me, Princess."
    ".... you will never stop calling me that, will you? Not even as you kneel here with me before my old home you will still call me that? .....Disgraceful."
    "Old home?" both I and my thoughts stated at the same time, believing what Demitri said to be completely false. "You never lived here until recently, Demitri, shortly after I-"
    Demitri covered my mouth to shut me up, his glare turning even colder. After a moment of silence, he removes his hand from my lips. ".....Her and I moved here with our child a year ago....I was sent out to Gallia shortly afterwords... where I.....where you.... you...." Demitri muttered softly as his hand tightened. "I....lost my life.... to become your.... fucking... maid.... I had a wife... and a child.... and I lost it all... to become your fucking maid....." He lowered his head to hide his face, but I could still tell he was upset from his quivering voice. "I've had so much....'s gone...."
    "Gone? She's right there. You can easily go over there and be with her again." I said, trying to possibly help the clearly upset princess out.... clearly didn't work, since he shook shortly after I said that.
    "... I.... can't.....I just... can't.... her knowing what I've become.... she won't accept it... I barely can, let alone her.... You have Sol, right? Surely you can imagine what he would feel if he knew you were trapped in this absurd, immortal life...right?"
    As he said that, my mind flashed back. Back to when I asked Maxis to turn me.... although I am glad now he refused... I still wonder what it would be like if he didn't.... if I was suffering like he was for what I put him through.... for me being, in the end, the sole reason for his death.
    If I was.... I would hide from my spouse too...if I had my right sense of mind that is.
    " you do see, " Demitri gave me a sad smile before reaching into his pocket, just to pull out an earring. He grabs my hand and places the earring into my hand, before looking at the female again. "Give this to her, please.... let her know I died... not that I'm like this.... but that I've died... that I've moved on, waiting for her in the afterlife. I want her to be in peace.... to stop worrying everyday for my arrival home."
    "But-" Another interruption.
    "No buts. Let her know this, for me... please? I want to see her happy when she passes on... not upset... I don't want her looking for me either. She'd definitely attract the wrong crowd if she did... then Mika would be all alone."
    "The child?" I questioned. Demitri nodded and pushed me out of the bush fence. Of course, because of the push I stumbled over to a pot.... which I proceeded to break with my head.
    The noise caught attention of the female, and she turned to smile and greet me.
        .... I had just signed myself up for a long day... and what's worse...? I can barely hear Demitri's sobs from the bush.
    .......Damn, I am an asshole.
RPG Picture by Mysticinthedark4321
RPG Picture
Just a picture for an RP between :iconmadnimrod: and I. 

Just a picture..... um... enjoy ^w^


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