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Genesis App by Mysticinthedark4321
Genesis App
About time this got an update (gets shot)

Now I'm heading to work, I might put more stuff here later... probably not... (gets shot again) 

... Just in case though, I own nothing, except for the idea of Genesis himself. and that's it. 
Indante Character Sheet by Mysticinthedark4321
Indante Character Sheet
Name (Pronunciation)[Meaning]: Indante Huilibut
Nickname (Pronunciation)[Meaning]: None
Age: 27
Date of Birth: July 16
Place of Birth: England
Gender: Depends on Wearer, but was Male when he was sealed away
Race/Species: Human
Language(s): English, Arcane
Phrase(s): "Your so funny! You honestly believe you can even live a minute against me?!"

Physical Description
Height: Depends on
Weight: Wearer's Description
Eyes: Red 
Hair: White with tints of Red
Skin: Depends on Wearer
Physical Description: Depends on Wearer
Typical Clothing: Depends on Wearer, Although she likes to aim towards more of a badass appearal
Equipment: Swords, Gunblades, The necklace she's sealed inside

Personality/Attitude: Unlike Izayoi, Indante is definitely way more out there in the social standing. She's definitely cocky and egoistical as well, escpecially when it comes to people trying to doubt her strengths. As well as that, she is massively protective towards her current user. In this case, Izayoi, whom she's shown the most liking towards.
Talents/Skills: Close Combat Expertise, Magic (More towards Arcane and Fire)
Favorites/Likes: ???
Most Hated/Dislikes: Being doubted, and harm coming to Izayoi in anyway.
Strengths: All her experience and years as a Magus
Weaknesses: Izayoi
Fears: ???
Hobbies/Interests: ???
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: She does seem to be rather stalkerish to the people around her wearer, but it just might be her trying to be protective
Sexual Preferences: Anything living
Place/Type of Residence: A four star hotel
Occupation: Bodyguard

All family members are dead, herself included.


Izayoi, Cassandra, Terra, Rose: Alive

    Back when he was alive (Yes, Indante used to be a guy), He was the Head Commander to the King's army for many years after he turned eighteen. Inbetween short wars and training to improve himself, he managed to fall in love with the daughter of the King. The two would sneak out of the castle to go out on dates in the middle of the night, always making sure the daughter was returned before the sun came up. 
    Around two years of them two sneaking out and dating, the King sets up the daughter, named Amilia, for marriage with the prince from a nearby kingdom. Indante, as the pissed off male that he was, found everyway possible to intercept the marriage.... all this resulted was Indante getting captured by the nearby kingdom and held there for a year. 
    He spent his year there listening into all the information that he could get his hands on. He managed to behave well, but it didn't stop them from having their fun with torturing him. 
    Once his kindgom found out that he was being held in their neighbors cells, war was declared... just to end when the two Kings talked. Somehow, one of them found out that Indante was there for interfering with the marriage. The king went to Indante's cell with her newly married daughter to question her. 
    They stayed there for two weeks, using any and all torture methods to get Indante to talk. Starving, Water Torture, Whipping, you name it. Amilia ended up spilling the beans when they were about to drown Indante for not speaking. Happy with the knowledge the King had now, he returned to his Kingdom with his daughter to wait for the news of his death within the cell. 
    One year became two, and two to three, and no news was heard. So the King went back to check up on Indante to be greeted to an empty cell. Enraged, the King turned to head back up to his kingdom.
    While said king was gone, Indante snuck into the castle and murdered the man married to Amilia in his sleep. A simple slice to the throat was all it took, honestly. He went into Amilia's room and camped out there, just to be hugged and kissed all over when Amilia woke up. They spent their time together getting caught up. Supposingly, the King erased Indante's name from everything. Birth records, history scrolls, you name it, its not there. All of his victories in the war was replaced with that of the King's son, Dollin. Indante, naturally, got annoyed and was about to get up when the army came in and apprended him. 
    He was held in the prison for a few weeks before he was excuted by getting hung. Although... 
    When he was getting hung, Amilia ran up to the stand where Indante was at. He was grabbing at his throat, managing to lift himself from the rope a little bit. He looked down as Amilia fell to her knees, crying. With the last of his strength he had, he cast a spell on Amilia's necklace, allowing his soul to get sealed within the neckalce as soon as he died. 
    "No.... matter what happens... I will always be there with you." He whispered before he let go of the rope, his body hanging down as he sufocated to death.

Since then, Amilia became Queen, and decided to pass her necklace, and Indante with it, down throughout the generations. Although, stories about what happened to him faded off shortly after Amilia died. He became practically nothing more than just another soul sealed away... that is, until Izayoi got a hold of him. 
    It was normal for a while though for Indante. He wasn't needed. He wasn't needed for a long time now, actually. With the centuries that passed by, bloodlust and war was harder to come by on such a small scale, so Indante just spent that time resting. 
    Until one day, the day Izayoi was caught and was getting ready to die. The spike level in fear woke him and allowed him to see the surroundings Izayoi was in. He asked Izayoi if she wanted to live before switching the two of them and fighting off the attackers. 
(Err... To be continued. I'm tired and not thinking properly. Woops)
Nightmare by Mysticinthedark4321

    The first thing I could gather about my surroundings was that it was cold. The floor was stone, absolutely no warmth to it whatsoever. I moved a hand that was under my head to rub my temple, but the slightest movement sent my whole body into a state of terrible pain. I winced and let out a small whine, knowing that there was much that I couldn't do about my state. It always happened when I would shift into my wolf form. Every bone in my body would break and reform itself to better fit that form, and break again when I could shift back into my humanoid form. 
    When I'm in a painful state like this, to where I can't even really move, I just have to wait for my body to get accustomed to it's form again. That's how it's always been for me. 
    .... but when I let out that whine of pain, lightening danced across the sky outside, giving me enough lighting to see my surroundings better. 
    Blood was the first detail I caught, although the fact that I couldn't even smell it beforehand gave me a couple of questions to think about. There was blood all over the room. On the walls, the doorframe.... I was even lying in some. But, my small puddle of blood wasn't nearly as bad as the person that was with me. 
    I saw their outline, and the massive puddle of blood they were lying in. I attempted to see if I could even detect who it was by scent. For some reason though, I couldn't... I couldn't. 
    Another bolt of lightening, more lighting reveals their blue hair to me, and their matching blue eyes as they stared at me with fear and confusion. 
    Those eyes....
    I tried to move, even the smallest to get a hold of her already outstretched hand. My eyes filled themselves with tears to match my shock over the matter of seeing Cassandra like this. I didn't want to see her like this. I never wanted to see her hurt... let alone dying. 
    "Why... didn't you tell me...?" I heard her barely existing voice ask me. "I.... wouldn't... of followed if...."
       Followed...? She followed me? 
    .... Right. When it's close to the new moon period, and the days the beast takes over approaches, I run as far as I can from civilization. I know that during the night of the new moon itself, I can't regain any control.... but the day before and after it I seem to be able to if I tried hard enough...
    But, I couldn't get the reins in time. 
    My body screamed as I tried to reach for Cassandra's hand, the pain from even making the smallest moment felt like I was being melted by the sun. I went to open my mouth, to explain my fear of her knowing my truth... and the fear of her leaving me, but nothing came out. Not even a whisper.
    "I can't... believe you tried... to hide that from me... To think I've... trusted you.... that I've loved you."
    I whimpered as my hand almost made it to Cassandra's, but she pulled it away a small bit, to where I couldn't reach it. My eyes widened as it took in more lighting from the next lightening bolt. Cassandra's eyes started to close as she was losing life, the last words I heard from her was this. 
    "I'll never forgive you for this."
    Her breath stopped, and somehow I know her soul already left her body to go find peace. I lied there a bit, balling up my reached out hand into a fist. I empounded that fist into the stone floor, not caring if the pain from that was stacking onto the pain I've already felt. 
    I've lost her. I've never wanted to lose her this way. I just didn't want to tell her what happens to me. I was too scared too. I thought that she would leave if she knew that I was nothing more than an uncontrollable animal. I didn't want to lose anyone again. Especially her... I loved her so much, my dead heart ached to see her every morning. But now... but now.... She's gone... She's.....g-


    The alarm went off, snapping me awake from the dream. I sat up in the bed and turned to see Cassandra still sleeping there as peaceful as ever. I smiled, glad that the events that happened weren't real....even if I could still feel hints of the pain I've felt in that dream. The fire in my veins burning me from the inside out. I could still feel it all, even though none of it happened.
    Was it a warning, or just my fears trying to get the best of me?
    Regardless, the dream did bring up a good point. I needed to tell her the truth one day, before I scare her during a shift... or kill her, because I don't think I'll wish to live if I did that to her. She deserved to know the truth, afterall. And... if she leaves me and hates me because I told her... I would be infinitely more happy with that than if she died because I didn't tell her a thing. 
    I slowly moved out of the bed to get dressed, my brain scrambling to figure out how to crack this to her. Afterall, I think I only have a week before I have to take off again. And....
    I refuse to let that thing kill her. I don't think I'll be able to live if anything happened. 



AND STUFF (dies again)
Terra Character Sheet by Mysticinthedark4321
Terra Character Sheet
Name (Pronunciation)[Meaning]: Terra (TEAR-AH)
Nickname (Pronunciation)[Meaning]: Pup
Age: 12 (Age of Soul) 430 (Age of Body)
Date of Birth: June 21
Place of Birth: A small township called Suvia in Virginia (Yes, I know it doesn't exist, but GAH I CANT THINK OF NAMES)
Gender: Female
Race/Species: Werewolf/Zombie
Language(s): English, Ancient Undead, Wolf, Demonic
Phrase(s):  None

Physical Description
Height: 4 feet 11 inches
Weight: 100 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Reddish-Brown
Skin: Pale
Physical Description: (points above)
Typical Clothing: Likes clothing that hides her ears and tail (hoodies, jackets, things with hoods). Clothing that covers most of the skin.
Equipment: Pistol. Small demon rabbit's foot charm (Rumored the blood in the charm contains regenerative properties to the owner)

Personality/Attitude: Loner. Althetic. 
Talents/Skills: Limb Seperation/Attachment.
                    Shapeshift to Wolf Form (Mainly During Night Time.)

Favorites/Likes: Running. Eating.
Most Hated/Dislikes: Water, Sun, Fire
Strengths: Healing factor from charm. Wolf form
Weaknesses: Can lose control during Wolf form, especially on the week of the new moon
Fears: Fire
Hobbies/Interests: Schooling to be a doctor.
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: Unknown, hasn't explored yet 
Sexual Preferences: Honestly doesn't know....
Place/Type of Residence: Mainly Rural
Occupation: Mercenary/College Student ("Attends" College through camera on her tablet)
        Mother- Deceased

      Father- God Status
    Adopted Family:
    Step-Mother: Alive (Leads an Occult Group in Spain)
    Step-Father: Alive (Voo-Doo doctor)
        Has two step-silbings, both part of an occult

          Cassandra- Alive (Attending College in Hungary)

    Sent as a blessing to a small township back in the 1600s to help the newly forming town against the mass amounts of wildlife and enemy tribes in the form of a newborn child. The whole town practically worshipped the newborn for just a little while, thinking the newborn has some holy aura to repel unwanted people away..... until the newborn, named Terra, turned three, when she first turned into her (adorable) wolf form.
    Scared of the now known werewolf, the town turned to the single mother, and demanded to have her exterminated. The mother faked killing her child off, and hid her in the basement for nine years, where she attempted to teach Terra how to control her shifts... and failed. The shifts continued, and the mother had to find a way to hide her during them. That is... until she broke out of the house one night in her wolf form, at the age of twelve, and that's when the week rampage began. 
    A constant week, day and night, of her terrorizing the town and everything around it. 
    And at the end of that week, when Terra turned back into her human-ish form (had dog ears and a tail), she was captured, and brought back to the town, where she was burned to death. 
    A saddened mother comes by after the excution was over, gathers Terra's ashes, and puts them into an urn to hide from the town. 

    ***Time Passes***
    In the late 1900s, a family visits the ruins of the town, and the mother of the group finds the urn. An idea sparks into the mother's head, she takes the urn, and she returns with the family back to Spain. 
    Over the course of five years, the family uses the power of VOODU and the swarms of demons that are clearly around their home to rebuild Terra's body from the ashes. Using demon wolves' blood, human flesh, whatever it took. A few months after rebuilding the body to get the soul forced back into the body. 
    ..... The body with Terra's soul in it manages to live for five minutes, until a spiritual wolf comes and tears the body into shreds. 
    Pissed, the mother demands the father to put the body back together, using a potion/bath mix to force the soul to stay in the body, no matter how much the body is damaged. 
    With another demon summoned to try to keep Terra dead, an ancient rabbit demon, the family tries to keep the rabbit away until Terra wakes up. Anddd when she does, Terra quickly shifts into her wolf form to kill the rabbit demon, ripping a leg off from the demon to keep as a charm. 
    With the demon slain, the father finds a way to calm Terra enough to get her to shift back into her human form, when Terra grasps her chest and pants from the fight. She knelt here for a little bit, then realizes her heart wasn't beating... but she was breathing. Her stomach was growling, but... her heart wasn't beating. Terra turns to the parents for explainations about how she was even alive. How she remembered the last thing about her was that she was burning alive, watching her mother cry in the house.
    A quick explaination later, and Terra agrees to stay with them for a while, to learn to control herself better... just to leave years later, when she realizes how crazy those people were... but not before taking a pistol from her step-brother and a tablet and a lunchbag from her sister. Explaining something about her being a doctor... a real doctor, to help people better than her step-family helped her. Afterall... it'd be cool to see a Zombie Werewolf be a doctor. 

It's time to vote... since I'm not getting anything else for ideas... and no one else is really putting up ideas either ^w^; ... you think if I offered leadership for their race they'd help... but nuuuu...

Regardless. Voting lasts until Sunday. Feburary 14, 2016.... 11 P.M. my time (in case I have to work that day...) The top three races get into the RP and their creators getting ownership of the race, as well as Co-Owners to the group... Helps with ideas and such, you know. The fourth slot will be created with the ideas of everyone that won, so on so forth. 

Loading Races now.... Make sure you check each one of the races available before you vote.....

one of the last wips on my mascot :D by Waltervd

By :iconwaltervd:    Votes: 0

{An ageless dragon race, only way age is shown is through facial hair, females by the length of their hair}

Race Idea for RPG- Reaper by Mysticinthedark4321

By :iconmysticinthedark4321:     Votes: 1

RPG Race - Kurobe by Hachi-Aki

By :iconHacki-Aki:     Votes: 2

Grizaj by MadNimrod

By :iconmadnimrod: Votes: 1



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