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Adoptables (Just a few of them) by Mysticinthedark4321
Adoptables (Just a few of them)
(sighs) ... I've been digging about in a couple of my computers and I've found a few models that I meant to do things with... characters that are so old.... that I feel bad for letting them dust up as they have been.... So I'm letting them out there in the world! See who wants them, and how bad. 

No points, of course. But... More like this. 

See the three models up there? 

Each one of them has possibly a string of ideas attatched to them.... Maybe not... The first one definitely did, that's for sure. Some that I'll throw out here. 

1. (My favorite) A failed clone turned rogue against her creators after they tried to destroy her. Her covered eye, an inverted colored eye with a rainbow reflection and black whites, is the mark that shows that she's a clone. 

2. An arcane mage... that's all I had when I made her...

3. .... A bunny humanoid.... again.... all I had... 

Now. Here is the jist of this, and the point behind this. They will be up for ONE WEEK. The goal to win the adoptable is to come up with the best name and storyline for them... Since I have forgotten most of the details... you can ignore what is up above and fit them with your own ideas and everything.

The best one at the end of the week (July 8, 2015), wins. 

... So. Come on, come in. Join and see what you can come up with. 

Character One:
No one, yet
Character Two: 
:iconmadnimrod: Lady Talia Seraphina IV
Character Three: 
No one, yet


Credits: ... everything isn't mine, except the characters up there.. for now... credits goes to original owners... seriously... these guys have been sitting in their folders for... a year maybe... I don't remember too much about the parts I used... sorry. If their illegal, I apologize... my memory is REALLY BAD. 
Chapter Two, Infection by Mysticinthedark4321
Chapter Two, Infection
I choose to go after her.
    I mean, do you blame me? 
    Since I was a small child, I felt a small connection to her, that I was meant to do something amazing in my lifetime with her as a part of it. Of what, I did not know... and even to this day, I didn't know. This connection that I felt for her... I don't know what it was... but it developed into something more over the years... so regardless of how she treated me for being a failure of a guardian... I couldn't stay away from her... I couldn't leave her side...
    Was it love that I felt for her? 
    ... Truth be told, I don't know, but I followed my feelings, and went after her. 
    ... And that was what started my journey....I rushed to my home to grab the most important belonging I owned, my two handed blade, before I rushed to the southern end of town, just in time to see the white cloaked individuals, Inori, and a few other people walk out of the village, each of the guardians that stood at the gate smiled and wished the best for the group on their travels.
    Once the group left the village, I rushed up to the exit so I could leave as well, just to have the guardian, Ryou, stop me. 
    "Apprentice Demitri, what are you doing out so late? Aren't you supposed to be training for lessons tomorrow?" Ryou asked me, just for me to glare at him harshly. 
    " Ryou. Mage Inori forgot an item before she left, I want to go out there to give it to her." I lied, hoping silently that the guard would believe me. I failed.
    "Inori would never forget anything. Why do you really want to hea-" He started to speak before I swung the blunt end of my blade at Ryou's head... knocking him out.
    "....Woops..." I whispered and looked around before rushing out the exit into the forest, spotting the end of the group a few feet in front of me. I followed in pursuit, obviously, quietly following them as best as I could. 
    "Inori~ Aren't you so happy about this chance? I know your father is totally the best mage around our area! This new place should easily pu-" Alastray started to speak, her shiny gold hair flopping around as she bounced her body in excitment. 
    "Put me in the best of the best? I know! I am so happy!" Inori giggled, looking up at the green canopy above them as she spoke, "I just wish...."
    "Wish your boyfriend came with you?" Snow laughed loudly.
    "HE'S NOT MY BOYFRIEND! ... He's... just a friend... that I know rather well..."
    "A boyfriend. That's exactly what that is, Inori. Failed guardian boy is your boyfriend that you couldn't bring."
    "HE. ISN'T. MY. BOYFRIEND! He's... just a friend, that I wasn't allowed to bring. So I screamed and insulted him, hopefully to the point he hates me now."
    "Inori. Did you learn anything from me? If he actually likes you, he'll know that's a lie."
    The group stopped on the edge of a lake, the white cloaked individuals tell the group of villagers to stay in their place as the white cloaked people walked off for a little bit, talking amongest themselves. I moved myself against a tree in hopes that no one spots my existance. Suprizing... this worked. No one noticed me as I saw one of the white cloaked individuals bring out a knife and decapitate Alastray's head from her body. Of course, this caused the group to scream in terror and start to spurse... just to have Alastray's body explode, the scarps of it merging themselves into bloody hellhounds that surrounded the group. 
    Another one, Molly, was killed, her throat was slit. 
    My body shook as I watched another person right after her, Charles, fall to the ground next, a knife thrusted in his head.    
    One of the cloaked individuals approached Inori, and I couldn't hide anymore... I rushed out with my two handed blade, just to have the blade caught by the person I was aiming at. The person turned to face me and smiled, their blood red eyes forced me to step back... 
    Then... I was stabbed through the chest from behind...seeing Inori's eyes grow wide as I felt the blade rip my muscles apart.
    I fell to the ground, and I blacked out... but not before watching them kill off Snow... and dragging Inori away from the scene, her form shocked from what happened in front of her. 
    .... I felt cold then, watching her being forcefully taken from me hurt me to my core, and the fact that I couldn't do anything about it scarred me. Yet, there was nothing that I could do, my body died out on me... and I was alone... the blade through the middle of my chest... 
            ....Then there was warmth... and light... 

    I woke up suddenly, my body leaning against a giant tree. My hand instantly went up to my chest, noticing the sword that was inbedded there missing. I.... knew I was dead back there, at the lake. That the blade back there killed me... yet I still breath, and I continue to live right now... I was confused... my head hurt... everything no longer made anything sense. 
    "Do you want to see her again?" A warm voice rang through my head. I jumped up onto my feet and looked around.... after seeing no one, I tilted my head to the side... my head just hurting more from the confusion of everything.
    "Do you wish to see her again, Demitri? The girl?"
    I stood there as the voice asked that question and closed my eyes, imaging Inori back at home with me... everything in life continuing as if nothing ever happened.... ,"Yes...," I whispered as a tear fell down my face as the pictures in my head continued bringing back old memories of Inori and I... and hopes... and dreams...
    "Would you like to make a deal then?"
    I thought about it for fraction of a second.... change that, I didn't think about it at all. "Yes. I'll do anything." 
    "Then how about thi-"
    "YES. What did I just say?"
    "No buts, Voice in my head. My answer is yes... so just help me... please..." I screamed outloud, scaring off some of the wild animallife nearby. I heard a sad sigh in my head.
    ".....Fine. Look at the base of the tree. Accept the gift... and do your task... that is all I ask."
    I followed the voice's instructions, looking around at the base of the very large tree until I found a light colored amethyst lying on the ground. Randomly guessing that this was my gift, I picked it up... then a volt of pain shot up the arm and sent me to the ground. I screamed out in pain as the amethyst began to embed itself into my hand, snapping any bones in its way to make itself as comfortable as possible. I just kept screaming from the pain from it all, until it stopped for the smallest second....then the gem started to glow ominiously.
    Next thing I knew, a blade forced itself out from the middle of my hand, shredding all mass that was in it's wake to allow the blade to be there. I screamed again, holding tightly onto that arm as the blade continued to grow. 
    It felt like years I was in that pain... but once it ended... An image appeared in my head... a male person in the corner of a dark room... smiling as he stared down at a female sitting in a cage... the air in the area was tainted....
        "You honestly think you can save her, Warrior?" the male in the corner chuckled as he looked up, his oddly familiar red eyes stared at me. His voice obviously showed sighs of humor... like he knew better, "Once she's complete... she's all mine... and you. will. fail... Hmmm..."
    The image ended there, and I just looked at my new blade. I used it to help me stand up... just to fall shortly afterwords, the blade definitely was too heavy for me to carry. 
    "Oh boy... what a mess I just got myself into...," I whispered, leaning back against the tree and looked up at the green leaves above me. My life as a training apprentice... as far as I am concerned... ended when I left the village... but now that I accepted... whatever this is...a gift, I suppose... turned me into something else. I don't have a name for it yet, but I WILL use this gift to save Inori.... but now I have a new problem.
    ...Where is she at? 

CHAPTER TWO IS DONE! (faceplants) ... when my mind jumps elsewhere... its impossible to switch it until I complete what that idea is... so it switched here... so I made this chapter... Enjoy~ I suppose~
A Fight of Some Kind by Mysticinthedark4321
A Fight of Some Kind
Just use your imaginiation for what happened to cause this, and we are good~

Just something to distract myself for a little while while getting group things together... like the chat... and the races.... and the shop and point system (maybe)


Credits... (yawns) ... at some point, but I own none of it. 
Volundriel App by Mysticinthedark4321
Volundriel App
● Name | Volundriel

● Nickname(s) | V

● Age | 16

● Sex | Female

● Hometown/ Death town | Somewhere in the Mountains for both

● Date of Birth/Date of Death | July 22---December 21

● Height/Weight | 5'6" 130 lbs. 

● Angel/Fallen Angel/ Demon? | Demon

● Likes & Dislikes | Likes- Warmth, Flight, Frightening Angels and Humans alike, Almourn (Her scythe), The Sun
Dislikes- Coldness, Snow, Clouds

Strengths and Weaknesses | She's not mentally sound, something that sounds like it should be obvious for being a demon. In a case of a fight, she goes all out, ignoring all injuries caused to her and problems around her to solve her conflict at that time. Her scythe, Almourn, is a decently powerful weapon created from the pain of Volundriel's death... as well as a couple of other things, which allows Volundriel to call upon those last moments to inflict waves of pain to her enemies... something she doesn't like to do too often, but irrevelant.... she secretly hates to fight. 

● Personality |  Volundiel is naturally a rather cold person (the blue skin oddly matching the personality). Serious as well, but it is possible to catch her in times of ease. If you do, consider yourself the luckiest person on the face of the planet. Seriously. Trust is one thing that she seems to be unable to learn...the next section should tell more about why. There's more to her, but I think it'll be better if you see her in person more than reading this. 

● History |
Cause of Death- Sacrifice/Hypothermia
    In life, Volundriel was a kind child... if you happened to meet her while she was allowed to interact with human society. By the time she was six, she was locked in her room away from all of life to slowly start to grow mad and tainted for what her mother had in mind for her. Her father, around the time she was eight or so, tried to escape with Volundriel away from the home, but he died while trying to get her away by a friend of the mother. 
    Back in the room she went, and back to her mental suffering alone until she was sixteen.
    By this time, she created an imaginary friend "Almourn" to help her deal with her lonelness, much to her own failure. She grown hateful of her mother, as well as anyone she met that approached her door. At the same time, though, she was scared for the day they let her out of the room, for she didn't even know why she was kept in here the first place. Only her father did, and he was long gone. Everyday now, she cried to the heavens in pleas to help her find a way out of her room and to a new life away from her hell, but no one ever listened, or if they did, they didn't care. 
    One day, the mother opened the door to her room, and asked Volundriel kindly to follow her... what she got was a punch to the face as the child ran out of her room and quickly out of the house into what appeared to be a blizzard. Not caring for this, she kept running as fast and as far as she could, wanting to get away from her mother and her fate. This ended terribly though, for she collasped right next to a cave, unable to run any farther before her mother and her demonic friends showed up and dragged her into the cave, letting her slowly die from the cold outside before setting up a sacrifical ritual and killing her off that way. 
    When she awoke, it was in Hell. Paniked, she looked around at her new surroundings and she wasn't sure whether to be happy about the warmth from it or terrified about knowing what it was. One of the demons nearby her approached her and calmly told her about her fate, and where she was now. Eventually, Volundriel accepted it and started her new path on building up strength to work for Hell. 

● Extra Information | (Optional; Quote, Scent, Voice, Hobbies, Theme Song, Sexuality
Quote: None, yet
Scent: Unknown
Voice: Unknown
Theme Song: Unknown
Sexuality: She believes that she's straight, but she'll try anything. 

And she's done, credits will be posted eventually... Once i get off of work, I mean.

And also, we needed a demon, and now we have one~

Aero Application by Mysticinthedark4321
Aero Application
● Name | Aero

● Nickname(s) | Arrow (A joke in name pronouncation) 

● Age | 24

● Sex | Male

● Hometown/ Death town | Don't ask him, he doesn't rememeber that. He just remembers that he died in a desert. 

● Date of Birth/Date of Death | March 20 / September 27

● Height/Weight | 5'8", 175 lbs. 

● Angel/Fallen Angel/ Demon? | Fallen Angel

● Likes & Dislikes | Likes: Combat, Heat, Aderaline, Rainy Weather, and Games
                                Dislikes: Cold Weather, Laziness, The Color Red

Strengths and Weaknesses | He was trained to be a fighter, the endurance for it, the strength, everything. With this training and experience comes a problem though. He's stubborn. VERY STUBBORN. He will run into a fight that might be... impossible to win. He's done this a lot. He'll fight until he passes out. He doesn't know when to stop, because there was never a time when he was told "HEY! THAT'S A BAD IDEA!"

● Personality | Stubborn- As far as he is concerned, he can take down anything and anyone. And that's a problem for him. In life he was about to take out anything out there, but now in the afterlife there's plenty of things stronger than a fallen angel... doesn't stop him from trying to though. 
                        Introverted- He prefers to be on his own compared to being in a middle of a crowd, the disadvantage of working in private military lifestyle for so long. Regardless of this, he's willing to but his feelings about wanting to be alone to the side to hang out and help other people. 
                        Selfless- Him against anyone else? He chooses anyone else's needs over his. It doesn't matter if he's starving, dehydrated, or he seemed to be the only one excluded from mass excution, he will do whatever it takes to help out anyone else. It's why he choose to take all the punishment from the rest of his section to himself. Because he knew they must of had family and such to worry about and Aero didn't. That's why he begged the leader to execute him alone instead of all of them. 

                        Kind- Despite being Stubborn, Aero is actually a rather kind individual... Once you get through all of his rough patches, anyway. 

● History | Cause of Death: Execution
    He died from an array of bullets coming from all directions. It's how the leader of the place wanted to handle the executions. He makes them public, so the whole place could see the fate of the person that misbehaves. 
    Aero, in life, was the best soldier that could walk the earth. Most of his day was spent on training, mainly when it came to his two-handed sword. It was the main reason why the leader chose him. 

    (Skips around to the info paragraph up above)
    (Now back here)
    Once he made it to the afterlife, he realized that he's in heaven... yet he honestly believed that he didn't deserve it. So, after standing on Heaven's surface for a little bit, enjoying the small moment of peace, he jumped. He fell, on pure choice alone... probably pissing off everyone in Heaven as he did. 
    Currently, he just wanders trying to find a way to prove that he actually deserves Heaven... or Hell... and then he wants to live his afterlife from there. 

● Extra Information | 
    Quote: None (Yet)
    Voice: Something like this <… > (Only the first couple of seconds, then your good)
    Sexality: He believes he's straight... but he hasn't had a romantic relationship yet... soo....

And... this is Aero. Dude, it took me forever to straighten him out. And he's STILL glitchy... Oh well. (shrugs) 

Now to get those rules and such done o.o Enjoy him!
He's coming along by Mysticinthedark4321

Okay, as you see up here, its a WIP for a new character of mine... one I kinda want to start a comic for... but he's getting quite evil with his design.

Things needed- 
SHIRT(Main priority, I can't get enough about how he needs a shirt, or a jacket, or SOMETHING!)
Tattoos for when his sword arm isn't out. 
Current outfit needs to be recolored to fit who its supposed to be. 
Necklace (Possibly, not sure)
Anything else I think of as I work on him.

Now, here's the thing. As it says above, I need a shirt for him. Or a jacket. SOMETHING THAT WORKS.... so if anyone can help me with him... I'll be forever honored. Thank you for taking your time reading this~
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